Club 24 Committees

All members of the Rotary Club are encouraged to join one or two of our committees, each of which has a unique goal and purpose. Below is a list of the 29 different committees that Rotarians can be a part of.

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Promote the enjoyment of the arts. Educate the public as to the availability of arts, activities and the critical need of maintaining strong artistic organizations in our community. Promote programs that reach out to develop new audiences for artistic expression.

Constitution & Bylaw Review

Review periodically the Club Constitution and Bylaws, and recommend to the Board of Directors, appropriate changes to comply with current practice and effective Club management.

CS-Acts of Kindness

Provide one-time financial grants up to $250 for emergencies, utilities, medical expenses, clothing, food, car repairs, etc., as the Committee budget permits during the year; provide coats (and other winter clothing) through Operation Warm for charitable organizations. The recipients are encouraged to pay these Acts of Kindness forward in some non-financial way.

District Conference & Relations

Develop a greater understanding of Rotary as it works in the Club, the District and the world (by attending the annual district conference). To help members enjoy Rotary through good friendships developed at District Conference, meeting district and R.I. officers and members of other clubs in the district.


Educate members of the Club on environmental issues as well as select and promote local environmental enhancement projects in which Club members can participate. Maintain and restore Rotary Park in City Creek Canyon. For a flyer about Rotary Park picnic areas in City Creek Canyon.

Fellowship Services

Organize fellowship activities within the Club to promote social relationships between Rotarians and their spouses, families, or guests and expose them to the benefits and responsibilities of Rotary affiliation.

Finance/ Budget

Chair'ed by the club Treasurer, works together with the club president & club administrator to assure that club finances are under control and within budget.  Oversees the annual independent financial audit.


Coordinates and organizes any outside fundraising projects that any club member wants to do.


Provide an opportunity for young men and women, ages15-18, to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities. Promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

International Service

Fosters international relations and promotes self-help opportunities in developing countries.

Membership Development

Review the Club classifications roster and proactively propose names for open classifications. To continually seek new businesses to participate in Rotary. To fill classifications made vacant by member resignations, terminations, and those deceased.

New Membership

Assure that the Club is open and inviting to new quality members who meet the Objectives of Rotary.

1. Represents the leading organization in their industry

2. Is one of the key executives in their organization

3. Is community-service minded

4. Meets the 4-Way Test


This committee oversees assignments for music at the Rotary meetings. It also plans and executes the annual Rotary Holiday Music luncheon.

Membership Orientation

Befriend and fellowship in a luncheon setting potential new members. To give them the history about our Rotary Club, how it functions and the opportunities they have in fellowship and service for themselves and others in the community and in the world, and to comprehend the small administrative details of attendance, locations, make-ups, etc.

Membership Retention

To facilitate the fellowshipping of new Club members by acknowledging them, by attendance at the weekly New Member Table, by providing active mentors, by encouraging committee participation and by celebrating them and their achievements.


Nominating Committee

At the regular business meeting held two months prior to the annual meeting, the President shall appoint, subject to the approval of the Club, a Nominating Committee consisting of the Immediate Past President (Chair), President, President-Elect, two additional Past Presidents and four at large Club members. The Committee shall nominate at least two individuals for each office for which there is a vacancy during the next Rotary Year, taking into account such gender and ethnic representation as would be reflective of overall Club membership (who meet requirements for service as a Club officer). The nominating committee should take into consideration the attendance, Club participation, attendance at District Conference and District Assembly of officer nominees. The Treasurer nominee should have some financial background. A nominee should have been a member of Rotary International for at least five years, except one Director, who should have less than five years in Rotary membership.


Support Rotary International's effort in peace and conflict resolution.  Promote civility of discourse, tolerance and respect for all people in our community.


Pledge/Spiritual Thought

This is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our Club by participants sharing their own unique understanding of prayer/meditation from their own tradition.


Seek to strengthen and broaden the acquaintance and awareness of our members with the widest variety of subjects through outstanding speakers. All programs are to be approved by the Club President, who will firm up the dates on the program calendar. Send the Speaker/Program form asking for a biography, picture, title of the talk, AV equipment needed, etc. This should be returned to the Rotary Office by the 5th of the preceding month for publishing in the monthly Rotary Bee. The person securing the speaker will introduce them at the Rotary luncheon and send a follow-up thank you note. If no one is assigned, the Conducting Officer will assume this responsibility.

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Public Relations

Strive to increase public awareness of Rotary's service and commitment to the community, and to increase members' awareness of both the responsibility and value of Rotary membership.


Provide an opportunity for men and women, ages 18-30, to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities. Promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service

Rotary Bee

Publish, on a monthly basis, the Rotary Bee. The Bee should be informative, concise, insightful & worthy of the time invested by the members of the Club who read it & rely on it.

Rotary Foundation

Promote The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and it's programs such as scholarships, grants, Group Study Exchange, and cultural exchanges among our members and eligible individuals. To encourage support of TRF through Paul Harris Fellowships, Sustaining Memberships, Benefactors, etc.

Salt Lake Rotary Foundation

Receive, administer and expend funds for such charitable, educational, scientific purposes and physical or mental welfare of the children and youth of the City and County of Salt Lake, State of Utah, and elsewhere, as are embraced in the activities of the Rotary Club of Salt Lake City, as determined by the Trustees of this corporation from time to time.


Make a significant contribution to the education of our young people and assist the dedicated teachers and administrators who serve them, often under very challenging conditions. To accomplish this, we will generate and receive proposals relating to the education of our young people, grades K through 12, in the hope that participation and/or funding by Rotary in deserving projects would make a significant contribution. Rotary believes that our young people are our future, and the nation cannot afford to relegate any segment of them to lives of dependency and hopelessness, regardless of the socio-economic, racial, or ethnic characteristics of their parent(s).


The Sergeant-at-Arms plays an important part in the total success of each weekly meeting. Because of the duties performed, the Club officers are free to concentrate on conducting the meeting. Special assistance is given to make Rotarians and guests feel comfortable and at ease.


Sends a letter, note, flower, etc., to members who are ill, bereaved or are in need of a little cheer. This committee shows Rotary members care.


Helps with mailings, phone calls, welcoming at off-site tours/meetings, and as needed.


Update the Website. The Website Keep the web page current, informative, concise should be informative, concise, insightful & worthy of the time invested by the members of the Club who read it & rely on it.


Four members are assigned each week to be at the registration table & doors to welcome visitors & members. After registering a visitor, committee members help visitors find a seat. Committee welcomes Rotarians and assists in scanning their badges for attendance. All new members are assigned to this committee for three to six months.

Youth/Child Crisis

Provide financial assistance, public relations exposure, and/or manpower for a specific purpose or need to existing organizations addressing the problems of children in crisis, specifically those organizations with a comparatively low profile in our community where Rotary can make a significant difference.

Youth Exchange

Make the world a better place by providing opportunities for academic and cultural foreign Youth Exchanges, promoting world understanding and peace.

Youth Scholarships

Promote and foster school and community service, academic achievement, and a personal commitment to excellence. Work closely with the Salt Lake City School District's senior and junior high/intermediate schools. High school students receive scholarships to assist them in furthering their post-secondary education goals, junior high/intermediate school students receive awards of merit, and have their names engraved on a plaque that remains with the school. Committee members are assigned one or two schools within the Salt Lake City School District. Members work with the assigned schools to select candidates for recognition, including personal interviews.