The Youth in Crisis Committee received tremendous club wide support for
the annual Lied Boys' and Girls' Club Holiday Dinner.  Rotarians Jim
Schwing, Teri Jensen, Devin Thorpe, Brett Sutherland, Randi Jackson, Brian
Berkelbach, Raymond Tymas-Jones, and  Mark McCashland were joined by
Mark's wife Trudy, Brett's wife Tina,  Randi's husband Tom, and Teri's
coworker Mike Salazar.  We served a delicious holiday dinner to the kids
and their families.  Marv Marcus showed us the way a few years ago.  We
channeled our "inner Marv" and provided table service.  This event is
chaotic and noisy, so full of holiday joy.  I am not certain how many
people we actually served this year.  I'm guessing 100, but it is only a

Club President Brett Sutherland, Mark McCashland, and Teri Jensen
presented a $1000 donation to Boys' and Girls' Clubs on behalf of SL
Rotary Foundation.  We had a lot of fun and can't wait until next year.
Thank you to Club #24 Rotarians who've stepped up to fill so many
volunteer slots with the YIC Committee.  Our club is really about service.