Third District Juvenile Court’s Village Project, Boy Scouts of America and SL Rotary Club recently teamed up to provide youth with the opportunity to attend a four-week course intended to introduce them to different career options.  The Career Exploring Program operates under the umbrella of the BSA’s  Learning for Life’s Career Explorer Education.  The course was tailored specifically for youth in the Third District Juvenile Court who receive referrals, transportation to and from career site visits and credit toward community service hours.  SL Rotary is the charter partner which helps with providing volunteers and financial and educational resources.

Rotarian Mark McCashland was one of the career presenters in September and talked with them about resume’s and  being prepared to talk about themselves.  Other post site visits included: Aviation, food services, media and communications, metallurgical testing and health services.  Explorers were also taught how to access their high school technology programs and how to apply for free education programs at SLCC. The feedback from the Exploring post members is very good.  These youth are seeing new opportunities that can make their lives so much better.

If you are interested in helping our Exploring Post or being a presenter please contact member of the SL Rotary Youth in Crisis committee.