Rotary World Peace Fellowship

Rotary World Peace Fellowship

Through partnership between The Rotary Foundation and selected universities, 70 Rotary World Peace scholarships are offered annually on a competitive basis for study at the Rotary Centers for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution. The Rotary Centers offer individuals the opportunity to pursue a master’s-level, two year degree in:
· International Studies
· Peace studies
· Conflict resolution
at one of the following Universities:
· International Christian University- Tokyo, Japan
· Sciences Po- Paris, France
· Universidad Del Salvador- Buenos Aires, Argentina
· University of Bradford- West Yorkshire, England
· University of California-Berkeley, California
· University of Queensland- Brisbane, Australia
· Duke University & University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill- North Carolina, USA.

In addition to the specific admission requirements of each Rotary Centers partner university, the following scholarship eligibility criteria apply:
· Applicants must be proficient in more than one language, even if they propose to study in a country where their native language is spoken.
· Applicants must have excellent leadership skills and must have a demonstrated commitment to peace and international understanding through their personal and community service activities and/or academic and professional achievements.

The Application process involves club, district, and world levels. Application must first be made through a local Rotary Club in the applicant’s legal or permanent residence, or place of full-time study or employment. Clubs conduct their selection process and submit their candidates to the district-level competition.

The district then interviews these candidates and endorses one candidate for the world competition. The review of applications submitted at the world level and the selection of the 70 scholars will be conducted jointly by The Rotary Foundation and the University Partners.

Interested applicants should visit the Rotary International website at to obtain more information. If you would like to receive an application, or if you know of someone who would be an outstanding candidate, please contact:

Rotary Club of Salt Lake City

Phone: (801) 363-8415 
Salt Lake City Rotary Club 24,
PO Box 65157, SLC, UT 84165

The following persons are ineligible to apply: a Rotarian, an Honorary Rotarian, an employee of a Rotary Club, District or other Rotary entity or Rotary International, a spouse, lineal descendant, a spouse of a lineal descendant, or an ancestor of any living person in the foregoing categories.