Energetic Rotarians Judy Fang, John Eberhardt, Duane Hill, Bry Davis, Amelia Larsen, Jan Stucki, Bob Huefner, and Teri Jensen had a great time with the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter preschool play group.  This was our first time in the gym - it was definitely a work out.    We wish we could show you pictures of these precious children.  Their hugs and smiles are worth so much.  Keep in mind these children are in the shelter with mothers who have run for their lives to escape domestic violence.    One of our newest Rotarians, Amelia Larson, presented a check for $1000 to the shelter on behalf of Club #24.

Salt Lake Rotary was inspired by the words of Bishop Oscar A. Solis, Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake, who presented the Thanksgiving message to the Club.  

On November 11th, Rotarians served turkey, potatoes, green beans, pieand ice cream to the VOA youth. Rotarians estimated there were 50 meals
served. Large portions were provided to all participants as they went through the line. One recipient said, "This is the best gravy I've had in ten years, but don't tell my mom." Rotarians who participated where Mark McCashland, John Ashby, Ross Youngberg who were also supported by their wives. Others Rotarians who participated were Joshua Creer, Mike Gregory and two colleagues of Mark's - Lynn Erekson and Richard Hair who helped peel potatoes before they had to leave.

Mark also presented a check for $1,000 to Cathleen Sparrow, Chief Development Officer for VOA. She was appreciative and said these funds would be used to help keep the lights on and pay for the heat. Alexis Brown Brotherton also joined Cathleen during the check presentation.

Thanks for all those who planned and participated in this event. If you haven't participated in this activity yet, talk with Terri Jensen and find out when you can join other Rotarians in this fun event.

Submitted by Mark McCashland
District Governor Scott Leckman encouraged and inspired Salt Lake Rotarians at a recent club meeting. His message: we can do good for others and follow the Rotary theme; Be The Inspiration. 
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